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Friday, November 17, 2023

Catholic priests are warning about Argentina’s Trump. Will it stop him?

Israeli and Palestinian activists ask Americans to take side of peace*
The New York Times: Sally Abed, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, and Alon-Lee Green, a Jewish Israeli, found polarization in America over the war in Gaza. They also found longing for a new approach.
Fired prelate appears near — but not at — bishops gathering
Religion News Service: “I’m a bishop without a diocese, which is a strange place to be. But that’s where I am,” Strickland, the former bishop of Tyler, Texas, told reporters on Wednesday.
A TikTok Jesus promises divine blessings and many worldly comforts
The Conversation: The TikTok profile Daily Believer has 70 videos with computer-generated Jesuses looking directly at the viewer, beseeching them to stop scrolling and watch the next minute’s worth of content.
In Michigan, where every vote counts, Arab Americans are turning away from Biden
NPR: The Biden administration has vowed to militarily support Israel and vetoed a United Nations resolution that called for a ceasefire.
Catholic priests are warning about Argentina’s Trump. Will it stop him?*
The Washington Post: Javier Milei, the brash libertarian economist who once described Argentine Pope Francis as “evil,” promises to tear down the political establishment.

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