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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

An exploration between income and religion

In Washington, Jews and Muslims protest for cease-fire in massive Free Palestine march
Religion News Service: The DC gathering was one of dozens taking place around the world Saturday demanding a cease-fire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.
Younger pastors took the brunt of the COVID-19 burden*
Christianity Today: New research shows most ministers under 34 saw job responsibilities change and worried about their mental health.
God and Mammon: An exploration between income and religion
Religion Unplugged: The group that is the most likely to attend services are not the poor, nor the wealthy. Instead, it’s people who are smack in the middle of income distribution.
Catholic church to close after longtime pastor suspended over harassment settlement
The Associated Press: The Archdiocese of Baltimore will end religious services at one of the city’s Catholic churches after its longtime pastor was recently suspended from ministry.
“I, too, am the Jewish community”: Rift among US Jews widens over Gaza war
The Guardian: Within families and congregations, on campuses, at protests and online, fissures within Jewish communities are deepening.

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