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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Stop debating whether Christian nationalism is Christian

Meet the 2024 presidential race’s evangelical kingmaker
Deseret News: Chad Connelly, CEO of Faith Wins, is training a nationwide cohort of pastors to vet GOP candidates.
Vatican assembly puts the Church’s most sensitive issues on the table*
The New York Times: Pope Francis’ calls for open-minded discussion will be tested this week as bishops meet with lay people, including women, to debate topics such as married priests and the blessing of gay couples.
Experiences of female clergy are often overlooked in accounts of the SBC schism, professor says
Baptist News Global: A gender struggle was central to the Southern Baptist Convention schism, but interpreters of the controversy largely have failed to deal with this reality.
Stop debating whether Christian nationalism is Christian
Sojourners: Whether progressive Christians think that white Christian nationalists are Christian doesn’t matter to most people who aren’t Christians.
Trump, once ‘most pro-life president,’ riles anti-abortion activists with new stance
Religion News Service: “President Trump’s disappointing comments only serve as an avenue for pro-lifers to find another candidate to support,” said anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson.

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