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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pope suggests blessings for same-sex unions may be possible

Liberty University broke safety laws for years, government asserts*
The Washington Post: In preliminary findings, the Education Department says the Christian school underreported crimes and destroyed evidence. Administrators can appeal.
Religion and race shape views on cause of climate change
Axios: Three-fourths of Hispanic Catholics and all religiously unaffiliated Americans (76%) believe climate change is caused by human activity, a survey released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute found.
PRRI: How religion impacts American attitudes on climate and environmental policy
Pope suggests blessings for same-sex unions may be possible
The Associated Press: Pope Francis has suggested there could be ways to bless same-sex unions, responding to five conservative cardinals who challenged him to affirm church teaching on homosexuality ahead of a big meeting where LGBTQ+ Catholics are on the agenda.
Today’s pet blessings on his feast day might have seemed strange to Francis of Assisi
The Conversation: Each year, if you happen to be in New York around Oct. 4, you may catch sight of something unusual: a whole menagerie of animals being welcomed into the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, from spaniels and parrots to even the occasional camel or cow.
FBI interviewed individuals who accuse Amy Coney Barrett faith group of abuse
The Guardian: The FBI has interviewed several individuals who have alleged they were abused by members of the People of Praise, a secretive Christian sect that counts conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett as a lifelong member.

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