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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Nonviolence, rebellion and the Palestinian attack

Nonviolence, rebellion and the Palestinian attack
Religion News Service: In the famous words of John F. Kennedy, “Those who make nonviolent revolutions impossible, make violent revolutions inevitable.”
We must not let the truth become a casualty of this war*
The Nation: Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we talk about what is actually happening in Gaza and Israel, not about unverified rumors.
‘I want to be forgiven. I just want to be forgiven.’*
The New York Times: When the Minnesota Board of Pardons meets, supplicants have 10 minutes to make the case for mercy.
Southern Baptist seminary turmoil continues as ex-president demands $5M in lawsuit threat*
The Tennessean: Former president Adam Greenway threatened to sue Southwestern for $5 million and said that the financial disclosures humiliated Greenway and harmed his job prospects. The letter is a sharp break from a resolution the two sides once sought.
How to deal with guilt and anxiety when your homeland is under attack
HuffPost: Therapists share how to grapple with your feelings if your family is affected by the Israel-Hamas war.

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