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Thursday, October 5, 2023

New ‘grammar of synodality’

Carlo Acutis’ mother places his first-class relic in new diocesan shrine in New Jersey

Blessed Carlo Acutis is on his way to becoming the first millennial saint of the Catholic Church, and his mother attended the opening of his new shrine.
New ‘grammar of synodality’ on display at start of synod gathering 

On its opening day, synod leaders also highlighted the many ways in which the current gathering breaks the mold of past Synods of Bishops.  
Mother Teresa’s postulator says new film’s creators made ‘grave errors’ 

Father Brian Kolodiejchuk said the film’s writer and director falsely claimed on his website that Mother Teresa had “lost her faith.”
Cardinal Zen expresses concerns about Synod on Synodality in leaked letter to bishops

Just days before the Synod on Synodality kicked off its first round of meetings at the Vatican, a letter from Cardinal Joseph Zen was leaked to media.
Pope Francis to Synod on Synodality: ‘Do not sadden the Holy Spirit’

Pointing synod delegates to texts by St. Basil on the Holy Spirit, the pope emphasized the importance of listening over speaking.

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