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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Fake news at church

Two Illinois parishes live on either side of a Catholic divide*
The New York Times: As the pope and church leaders meet in Rome to discuss the Roman Catholic Church’s future, they face a chasm between conservatives and progressives in the pews.
Fake news at church*
The Christian Century: Three new books investigate how misinformation shapes evangelicals — and propose better ways to reason together.
Some religious leaders say they’re struggling to navigate Israel-Hamas crisis
NPR: Worry over a backlash from expressing support or sympathy for either side in the Israel-Hamas crisis is leaving some Muslim and Jewish friends feeling abandoned.
Documentary on Black millennials depicts wide range of religion, rebellion
Religion News Service: ‘We show the pluralistic nature of the African American religious experience,’ said creator Teddy Reeves, ‘from those who are of some formal faith tradition to those who are not.’
Ohio man pleads guilty and admits to attack on LGBTQ-friendly church
NBC News: Aimenn D. Penny threw Molotov cocktails at the Community Church of Chesterland in a “reprehensible” act of "violence and terror," prosecutors say.

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