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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

‘Church has to change’ in favor of human dignity

Theologian at Synod on Synodality: There’s ‘too much emphasis’ on women priests

“As a woman, I’m not focused at all on the fact that I’m not a priest,” Renée Köhler-Ryan said at a press briefing Oct. 17.
Pope Francis in new interview: ‘Church has to change’ in favor of human dignity

Pope Francis, speaking in a new interview published by a media outlet in his native Argentina, said the Church must change “in favor of the dignity of the people.”
Pope Francis names an auxiliary bishop for Paris

The Vatican Press Office announced Oct. 17 that Pope Francis has appointed Father Emmanuel Tois as a new auxiliary bishop of Paris.
Pope Francis meets with U.S. LGBT group previously denounced by Vatican

Pope Francis on Tuesday at his residence met with leadership from the U.S. LGBT organization New Ways Ministry.
A papal visit to the South Pole? Pope Francis looks to new peripheries

In a new interview, the pope said someone had recommended he make a visit to Antarctica the next time he’s in Argentina.

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