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Friday, October 27, 2023

7 ways to participate in day of prayer and fasting

7 ways to participate in day of prayer and fasting called for by Pope Francis

Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in the Holy Land, Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting on Oct. 27. Here’s how to participate.
Pope Francis speaks at Synod on Synodality: ‘Clericalism’ defiles the Church

Pope Francis denounced clericalism and called it a “scandal” to see young priests buying lace vestments at tailor shops in a strongly-worded speech.
Polish bishop at Synod: Practice can vary but doctrine has to be the ‘same for everyone’

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki said Thursday one difficulty of synodality lies in distinguishing pastoral practice — which can be adapted — from Church doctrine.
Bishop Barron: Church should engage culture with more ‘energy, panache, and confidence’

Bishop Robert Barron said he regrets the Catholic Church’s “hand-wringing” in recent decades over how to share the Christian message with a secular culture.
Cardinal at Synod on Synodality: ‘Clericalizing women’ will not solve problems

Cardinal Robert Francis Prevost noted that the Catholic Church is not a mirror image of society and “needs to be different.”

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