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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

New Yorkers watch as their only evangelical colleges close

In new Bob Jones University podcast, former students and faculty blast ‘insular’ culture
Religion News Service: “Surviving Bob Jones University: A Christian Cult” aims to show how alleged patterns of conformity, isolation, information control and surveillance impacted members of the Bob Jones ecosystem.
This is the particular brilliance of Rosh Hashana*
The New York Times: Contemplating death helps people make decisions about their future that bring them more happiness. This is an insight about human nature that the rites of Rosh Hashana capture especially well, but it’s one that people of any faith (or no faith at all) can benefit from.
New Yorkers watch as their only evangelical colleges close*
Christianity Today: The abrupt departure of Alliance University and The King’s College leaves a hole in an influential city.
A better response to the decline of the Christian West*
The Christian Century: Some fight to preserve what is fading. Michel de Certeau shows how this is an enormous theological error.
Church attendance used to drive up trust: It doesn’t anymore
Religion Unplugged: What’s the state of interpersonal trust in the United States over the last five decades, and what role does religion play?

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