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South Park – North Park – Golden Hill

An Ecumenical Ministry in St. Patrick Catholic Parish

Wednesday, September 13, 2023




By: Chris Tumilty, Director of Communications

In various cultures, larks are said to symbolize, represent, and inspire many things. In some Latin American cultures, for example, they are believed to advise humans on how to improve their lives. In Japan, the lark represents change, adventure, and courage when exploring the unknown. For the indigenous Lakota & Dakota traditions, the lark represents renewal and vitality; for the people in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, LARK stands for Localized Anti-Racism Knowledge, a new program developed by the Diocese to help us better understand our local history and background.

This program will give you a lark's-eye view of the stories of others as we explore ways to understand and practice anti-racism in our own diocese. Read More

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