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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘A jealous god’: China remakes religions in its own image

100,000 reuses for the church to find*
Christianity Today: With a record number of congregations predicted to close their doors by 2025, multiuse developments may be the future for shrinking congregations and empty buildings.
‘This is not a Trumpy, conservative education’: Florida’s controversial new SAT alternative
The Guardian: Will the Classic Learning Test bring ‘truth and beauty’ back into education – or is it fueling Ron DeSantis’s extremist agenda?
Few persecuted Christians find refuge in US, new report finds
Religion News Service: A new reports finds that the number of Christian refugees coming to the US has declined at a time when persecution is on the rise.
‘A jealous god’: China remakes religions in its own image
Al Jazeera: Authorities are violating religious freedoms across China as the leadership seeks to assert control.
‘Sex Education’ offers a realistic look at young queer people’s relationship with God*
Teen Vogue: The show posits that religious identity is something that LGBTQ people are allowed to want.

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