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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Native Hawaiians seek revival through ritual

White Christians think too many people see racism when it’s not there, new survey finds
Religion News Service: A new survey from Pew Research revealed once again how deeply divided religious Americans are when it comes to matters of race.
Religion is for older people, right? How age impacts religion at the county level
Religion Unplugged: 93% of all counties in the United States have a larger share of retired people in 2022 than they did two years earlier.
France to ban girls from wearing abayas in state schools
The Guardian: A new ban on loose-fitting dresses worn by some Muslim women provokes row over secularism.
HuffPost: France to ban Muslim students from wearing abayas in schools
6 warning signs of Christian nationalism in US politics
Sojourners: It’s unlikely the top Republican presidential candidates will explicitly embrace Christian nationalism by that name. Instead, voters in the 2024 election will need to be on the lookout for how candidates’ behavior and rhetoric aligns with Christian nationalist ideals and anti-democratic beliefs.
Redeemer Church: My haven after 9/11*
Christianity Today: A singer-songwriter reflects on Tim Keller’s New York City ministry amidst tragedy.
Harvard Divinity School selects first Black woman as dean
Religion News Service: Marla Frederick, a professor of religion and culture at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, will succeed David Hempton, who has served as dean since 2012.
Xi urges more work to ‘control illegal religious activities’ in Xinjiang on surprise visit
The Guardian: The visit was the Chinese president’s second to the region since the crackdown on Uyghurs began almost a decade ago.
Book on Princeton syllabus sparks conflict*
Inside Higher Ed: University leaders are fielding demands to remove a book, deemed antisemitic by some and a legitimate criticism of Israel by others, from a course syllabus.
Oklahoma church shares love and Christ with Afghan refugees
Religion Unplugged: The Hashemi family was among 76,000 Afghans evacuated to America because their work with the U.S. and its allies — as translators, interpreters and partners — put them at risk under Taliban rule.
After the fires, native Hawaiians seek revival through ritual*
The New York Times: On an island where Christianity and Buddhism are also prominent, many are finding strength in traditional Hawaiian spirituality and culture.

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