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Monday, July 10, 2023

USC researchers will use AI to translate the Bible

US religious right at center of anti-LGBTQ+ message pushed around the world
The Guardian: American groups have helped to establish a global web who share ideas and funding in a bid to restrict gay and trans rights.
USC researchers will use AI to translate the Bible.
Deseret News: Around 20% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a full Bible in their first language.
Big churches sound alike. Little churches are the ‘Wild West’ of music, study finds.
Religion News Service: Worship professor Will Bishop said that focusing on the most popular worship songs can miss what churches are actually singing.
A small-town Georgia preacher fills pews by leaving no one out*
The Washington Post: At a time when many houses of worship are struggling to sustain themselves, tiny Mt. Hebron is flourishing. Barely a dozen people showed up for pastor Grant Myerholtz’s first sermons in fall 2020; these days, sometimes 100 faces are looking up at him.
Academics don’t talk about our mental illnesses. We should.*
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Higher ed can exacerbate psychological problems, and sometimes even cause them.

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