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Friday, June 9, 2023

Most religious Americans believe there are only two genders

Most US pastors use armed congregants as church security
Christianity Today: With shootings on the rise, more churches are dropping no-firearms policies and turning to gun-carriers in their flock, survey finds.
Anglican denomination erupts into power struggle after Bishop Stewart Ruch’s return
Religion News Service: The struggle broke into the open Wednesday when ACNA’s archbishop accused his denomination’s highest court of attempting to stop an investigation into charges against Ruch.
Rick Warren is leading a one-man campaign against the very SBC leaders who once admired him
Baptist News Global: From his perspective, he’s simply leading a one-man crusade to return to basic Baptist principles. From the perspective of his former friends and endorsers, he’s become someone who’s stirring the pot of dissension unnecessarily.
New moms die more often in the Bible belt. Pastors want to fix that
Sojourners: For 30 years before she was ordained, Rev. Morgan Gordy was a nurse in Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. She saw the link between poverty and death firsthand, and it often came down to lack of access to affordable health care.
Most religious Americans believe there are only two genders
Religion News Service: Americans’ views of trans people have hardened over the past two years, a new PRRI survey shows.

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