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Friday, May 12, 2023

Most US parents pass along their religion and politics to their children

UMC bishops request 2026 General Conference as hundreds more churches disaffiliate
Religion News Service: To date, at least 2,804 churches have left the United Methodist Church since 2019, according to United Methodist News Service.
Kenyan pastor suspected in cult deaths to remain jailed
Associated Press: The pastor faces possible terror-related charges in the deaths of more than 100 his congregants, many of whom are believed to have starved to death.
‘Little Richard: I Am Everything’ depicts the star’s lifelong struggle with sexuality and religion
NBC News: The new documentary explores the late singer’s complicated life constantly swinging between the secular and the profane.
Ron DeSantis’s campaign Christianity*
Christianity Today: Can the creator of “God Made a Fighter” political ads woo evangelicals from Trump?
Two popes, Roman and Coptic, meet to bolster Middle Eastern Christianity
Crux: This week there will again be “two popes” at the Vatican when Francis meets his Coptic Orthodox counterpart, Pope Tawadros II, who is visiting in a bid to strengthen relations with the Catholic Church and bolster support for Christians in the Middle East.
Southern Baptists lost nearly half a million members in 2022
Religion News Service: The Southern Baptist Convention has lost 3 million members since 2006, about half of that in the last five years.
The end of an era for the Sisters of Charity of New York
Associated Press: Through more than 200 years, the Sisters of Charity of New York nursed Civil War casualties, joined civil rights and anti-war demonstrations, cared for orphans, and taught countless children.
Archbishop of Canterbury to criticize small boats bill in House of Lords
The Guardian: Justin Welby to join peers condemning measures that seek to criminalise people seeking refuge in UK.
Swastika Mountain is renamed Mount Halo in honor of a historical tribal leader
NPR: A lesser-known peak in western Oregon’s Umpqua National Forest was renamed Mount Halo after residents suggested a change to the moniker.
Jordan Neely’s killing on the New York subway reminds us: Dehumanizing language can be fatal*
America: All social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering.
Breakaway Texas UMC megachurch reveals plans for new Methodist denomination
Religion News Service: White’s Chapel plans to invite others to join the Methodist Collegiate Church once its disaffiliation is approved by Central Texas United Methodists next month.
Most US parents pass along their religion and politics to their children
Pew Research Center: Parents saw both religious and political transmission as much less important than passing along other values, such as being honest and ethical, hardworking, and ambitious.
US Catholic cleric backed out of $1m settlement with sexual abuse victim
The Guardian: Virgil Wheeler, who died in April, verbally agreed deal but made U-turn after learning he would have to register as sex offender.
From Kali to Mary to Neopagan goddesses, religions revere motherhood in sometimes unexpected ways
The Conversation: Religions around the world use these days to honor the importance of many kinds of nurturing, from traditional celebrations to events that honor modern parenting, infertility struggles or the pain of losing a child.
Mercy Amba Oduyoye and her circle*
Christian Century: The Ghanaian theologian has long insisted that the experiences of African women are the experiences of the church.
Lutheran, Presbyterian schools moving to Chicago campus of Catholic Theological Union
Religion News Service: Each of the three schools will remain independent with its own identity, mission and governance.
Honor all mothers by asking Congress for these protections
Sojourners: What if we transformed this Mother’s Day into an imperative to ensure that all moms receive the care, support, and permanent protections they need and deserve?
US bishops oppose GOP-backed ‘Secure the Border Act’
Crux: With the House of Representatives set to vote on sweeping immigration legislation, the U.S. Bishops’ Conference migration chair has urged legislators to oppose it, deeming it incompatible with Catholic social teaching and the nation’s commitment to humanitarian protection.
The rare debt-free college*
Inside Higher Ed: Monmouth University has spent millions of dollars on campus investments while borrowing next to nothing. Philanthropic support helps, but a clear balance sheet remains a top strategic priority.
California bill barring caste discrimination overwhelmingly passes state Senate
Religion News Service: The bill, SB 403, passed on a 34-1 vote and now heads to the Democratic-controlled state Assembly.

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