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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

More Latino Americans are losing their religion

More Latino Americans are losing their religion*
The New Yorker: According to a new study, even those who aren’t losing religion are defying convention and stereotypes.
The Hillsong experiment is over. Christianity was never meant to be cool*
The Sydney Morning Herald: Hillsong is a church famous for its contemporary take on Christianity – for turning a 2000-year-old religion into something relevant to hipsters in skinny jeans who tell you that God is “so into you.”
Martin Scorsese is making a new movie about Jesus. He said Pope Francis’ call inspired it
Deseret News: A look back at Martin Scorsese’s films with religious subjects and themes.
Israeli forces kill Palestinian officer in clashes
Reuters: In another part of the West Bank on Monday, Jewish settlers inaugurated a seminary in a settler outpost, drawing Palestinian condemnation and a reiteration of concern by the U.S.
Vengeance was theirs: Armenia honors Christian assassins, complicates path to peace*
Christianity Today: Pastors and professors reflect on the ethical dilemma of extrajudicial justice against Ottoman officials responsible for genocide, and on commemorating their killers.

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