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Sunday, May 7, 2023

God save us from Christian empire

God save us from Christian empire
Sojourners: The coronation of King Charles III reminds us of a perpetual temptation for the church.
Mayor Adams says he was given a divine message: ‘Talk about God’*
The New York Times: New York City’s mayor doubled down on his melding of politics and the pulpit, saying that God has spoken to him on occasions.
Medication for opioid use disorder must fight stigma on top of addiction, but churches could help
Baptist News Global: Deaths from synthetic-opioid overdoses now outnumber the deaths of U.S. military personnel killed in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined; yet this crisis is rarely mentioned in many of our churches.
Their church is leaving the UMC fold. They found refuge in a nearby ‘Lighthouse.’
Religion News Service: The United Methodist Church is turning its attention to taking care of those who want to remain and rebuilding and fortifying its ranks.
When politics saved 25 million lives*
Christianity Today: Twenty years ago, Republicans, Democrats, evangelicals, gay activists, and African leaders joined forces to combat AIDS. Will their legacy survive today’s partisanship?

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