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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Justin Jones still calls upon the ‘soulful energy’ of the South

Justin Jones still calls upon the ‘soulful energy’ of the South
Sojourners: Despite Republican colleagues expelling him from the Tennessee state legislature, Nashville’s Democratic Rep. Justin Jones still believes working for justice in the South means working on “sacred ground.”
How much does Joe Biden give to the Catholic Church? His tax returns give us a clue.*
America: The Bidens reported gifts to 20 charities, including several Catholic parishes in both their home state of Delaware and in Washington, D.C.
Former Calvin professor sues after losing job for performing queer wedding
Religion News Service: Joe Kuilema, who taught at the evangelical college for 14 years, lost his job after officiating a wedding for a transgender former student.
Charges put focus on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ handling of abuse
Associated Press: Critics say church elders have treated child sexual abuse as a sin rather than a crime, carefully documenting cases in internal files but not reporting allegations to authorities.
Plans for religious charter school, though rejected for now, are already pushing church-state debates into new territory
The Conversation: Oklahoma pushed the debate into unchartered territory this spring with a proposal for a school that would have been the first of its kind: a Catholic charter, primarily paid for by taxpayers.

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