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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Forget the doom and gloom

By Shari Finnell

The pandemic has drastically changed congregational leaders’ attitudes about virtual services, experts say.

Q&A with Cole Arthur Riley

The bestselling author sees solidarity in liturgy and hope in practicing memory.

By Victoria Atkinson White

A scarcity mindset leads us to hoard ideas, but one of generosity helps grow them, writes a managing director of grants for Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

By Alexis Carter Thomas

Listening — really listening — is the first step for participants in a program to build relationships between people on university campuses and the congregations near them, writes the program director of The Vinery.

By Kari Koshiol and Kevin Singer

Traditional measurements don’t capture the whole story of young adults and faith. The reality is much more hopeful, say researchers at Springtide Research Institute.





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