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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Why leaders need holy friendships

Announcing the 2023 Reflective Leadership Grants

“The Reflective Leadership Grant gave me space and resources to connect with colleagues from diverse traditions and hear about what God is up to across the church, as well as reignite my vocational imagination through exploring design thinking processes and performance art.”

— Emily McGinley, City Church San Francisco

In 2023, Leadership Education plans to award upwards of 30 Reflective Leadership Grants, which provide Christian leaders “balcony time” to reflect on accomplishments, broaden perspectives and discern next steps.

We welcome applicants who serve in a range of leadership roles, from project director to senior administrator, and who are working in a variety of organizations, including denominations, seminaries, church-related colleges, consultancies, congregations, Christian nonprofits, Christian social enterprises and others. The application deadline is May 15, 2023.

By Alejandra Salemi

The gap between clergy and health professionals is hard to bridge, but pastors and Christian leaders can begin with some simple steps to help their communities flourish, writes a public health professional.

Q&A with Gillian Frank

Faith leaders can be misunderstood as universally opposing abortion. In fact, the commitment of some clergy to make it safe and accessible predates Roe v. Wade, says a historian and author who studies religion, gender and sexuality.

By Victoria Atkinson White

Personal sustainability requires sacred relationships formed in God’s love. A managing director of grants for Leadership Education at Duke Divinity writes about what makes these friendships vital in this adapted excerpt from her new book.

By Elizabeth Lynn

Congregations across the country are trying to figure out what to do with buildings that no longer serve their purpose. But there are many resources for leaders grappling with this issue, writes a project director at the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.

By Shari Finnell

Congregations struggle to maintain educational programs without volunteer support.

By Fiona Soltes

A Nashville church shares its property with a cluster of tiny homes where unhoused people can recover from illness and injury and move closer to stability.

Strategy questions

• How do you ensure that there is dignity in all the ways you are serving with your community?

• What would it look like for your organization to leverage all it has for its neighbors?

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