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Monday, March 6, 2023

The King’s College faces threat of closure

Adams, discussing faith, dismisses idea of separating church and state*
The New York Times: Mayor Eric Adams also suggested that banning organized public school prayer was a mistake, saying, “When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools.”
Growth for some churches staying United Methodist
United Methodist News: Some United Methodist churches are growing by welcoming denomination members whose previous church disaffiliated.
The King’s College faces threat of closure
Christianity Today: One of the few evangelical colleges in New York City is in sudden financial crisis, and students are planning for a possible shutdown.
Who will pay for the SBC’s abuse reforms over the long term? No one knows.
Religion News Service: The SBC’s Executive Committee announced it had lost $6 million over the past fiscal year, mainly due to the cost of responding to the sex abuse crisis.
Baptist News Global: SBC task force says Ministry Check website for sexual abuse will require cooperation
The editor who championed Martin Luther King’s bestsellers
Religion & Politics: As the letters flew back and forth between King and other editors, Eugene Exman took a different approach. He showed up in Montgomery, determined to convince King to write his first book.

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