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Thursday, March 2, 2023

FAITH - PATIENCE – ENCOUNTER with Fr. Carlos Flores


When reading the life of Abraham narrated in the book of Genesis, one can understand why he is called the Father of Faith. The trust in God that exists in Abraham is to be admired. It is precisely this trust in God that will be tested over and over again, even in situations that are so difficult to accept or understand.

Today, we are reminded in the first reading of the proposal that God makes to Abraham. Personally, I am impressed by the immediate response that Abraham makes to God's proposal. Abraham completely trusts the One who speaks to him. He never felt abandoned, forgotten, or betrayed by God. Abraham leaves everything to go after a promise from God. Of course, Abraham's life faced great difficulties and challenges, but it was also a life very blessed by God; as God himself had promised. What leads Abraham to have confidence in a God almost unknown to many?

I think that Abraham could also be called the Father of Patience, since only from patience, from hope in God, what is promised comes. Abraham gives us great lessons about faith and patience. Perhaps today, we are asked in this Lent to work on both: faith and patience.

Abraham is able to respond to God because he knows him. Abraham surely had experience of God, that's why he risked everything; because he knows God. This knowledge of God is ever deeper, as much as faith in God overcomes the doubts and trials of life. Today's gospel leads us down this path. Peter, James and John will have a unique experience about the person of Jesus. Experience is transformed into knowledge. Knowledge strengthens our faith. Faith allows us to open ourselves even more to the mystery of God. Going up the mountain symbolizes going to meet God, since the mountain allows me to get closer to the sky. By being in the right place, God manifests himself in the lives of those who seek him. Hence, the Gospel tells us that Jesus was transfigured before the apostles because God shows himself as he is to his friends.

Let us pray that in this time of Lent we make the effort to search for God. May God in his mercy allow us to find him. May this encounter with God bear fruit of conversion. Let the Lord make us his friends, those friends to whom he shows his divine will. Amen.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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