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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Antisemitic incidents are at an all-time high

The Southern Baptist Convention’s coming ‘Great Ejection’
Religion News Service: Will this summer’s SBC annual meeting make Christian history?
Antisemitic incidents are at an all-time high, the ADL reports
NPR: The report, released Thursday, tracked 3,697 incidents of harassment, vandalism and assault targeting Jewish people and communities last year. It is the third time in five years that the tally has been the highest number ever recorded since the ADL first began collecting data in 1979.
Payments denied, flagged and scrutinized: The harrowing experience of banking while Muslim
HuffPost: A new report shows the degree to which American financial institutions discriminate against Muslims, and many are worried about the impact this will have during Ramadan.
Christianity is not necessary for democracy*
Christianity Today: The basic freedoms and human rights we enjoy as Americans do not require a cultural Christian majority.
The Catholic church offering free tattoos? It’s a cross I’d be happy to bear
The Guardian: A monastic group in Vienna is offering to ink followers. With its cycle of pain and regret, it’s pure Old Testament.

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