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Thursday, February 9, 2023

The controversy over AP African American Studies, explained

To be ordained, would-be PCUSA pastors had to interpret the worst story in the Bible
Religion News Service: Some are criticizing the mainline denomination’s choice to base its recent winter exegesis exam on the biblical story known as ‘The Levite’s Concubine.
What happens when a UMC exit vote fails in a congregation?
Baptist News Global: Not all the votes for disaffiliation have succeeded, and when that happens, there’s often a trail of damaged spirits and depleted resources left behind.
Church of England votes in favor of blessings for same-sex unions
The Guardian: The passing of the motion at the General Synod represents profound shift in church’s stance on homosexuality.
What ‘He Gets Us' ads get wrong about Jesus
Sojourners: Jesus will be making an appearance during the Super Bowl thanks to He Gets Us, an ad campaign promising to reintroduce people to the “authentic Jesus of the Bible.
The controversy over AP African American Studies, explained
Vox: The College Board is facing backlash from conservatives who want it to do less — and from left-leaning critics who say it isn’t doing enough.

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