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Monday, February 6, 2023

Same-sex marriage row looms over Church of England synod

Same-sex marriage row looms over Church of England synod
The Guardian: MPs are considering the repeal of a 1919 act that allows the Church of England to govern itself as bishops continue to rule out marriage equality.
Religion News Service:
Church of England submits blessings for same-sex couples to fierce debate in Synod
Clergy protest legislation targeting transgender children in Missouri
Religion News Service: Jewish and Christian clergy have taken an active role in protesting what one advocacy group has called the ‘most dangerous’ session of the Missouri Legislature for the LGBTQ community it has seen in years.
The Pope has called for peace in South Sudan in the final part of his Africa tour
Associated Press: Pope Francis made a final appeal for peace in South Sudan on Sunday as he celebrated Mass before tens of thousands of people to close out an unusual mission by Christian religious leaders to nudge forward the country’s recovery from civil war.
Reclaiming the E word*
Christian Century: Evangelism has become a dirty word among progressive Christians. But don’t we have good news to share?
Marvin Olasky still wants to make journalism biblically objective
Religion & Politics: For Olasky and his admirers, that philosophy of “biblical objectivity” made the magazine WORLD singular — and is now, they fear, being discarded.

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