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Wednesday, February 1, 2023



In today's gospel Jesus tells us that he has not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. It is because of the way that Jesus preached and acted. That it seemed almost inevitable that he would cause confusion. Some who were considered wise of the time because they knew the Law perfectly have come to judge Jesus as a breaker of the Law.

Jesus shows the narrowness that those considered wise have in understanding the Law. Jesus has shown that he never failed the precepts of the Law. Rather, he demonstrated the true meaning of it because, even while living the Law to its fullness, he was also a very free man. The Law did not restrict him from doing the greatest possible good to and for others.

The laws in our societies seek to provide peace in human relations, trying to respect the rights of each person and expressing the obligations we have with each other. Although the laws are written for everyone to know, there is a higher law that Jesus shows us and guides Him in everything. This law is the one that should have inspired the other laws. This law is that of fraternal love, but it is rarely understood. Forgetting it will end up putting us against each other.

We said that Jesus is a free man, even complying with the Law of his time even though it seems like a very restrictive Law. Jesus is free because he knows the secret of love. Love will even lead him to suffer a death dictated by the Law of his time. It seems that the love that God shows us is sometimes not understood, and it becomes a certain condemnation. Brothers and sisters, may the love of God and neighbor guide all our steps. May we always seek the greatest possible good for everyone. May everyone be given what they deserve, as well as what is necessary. May we always feel free under the grace of God, which guides us to act correctly before others and before God. Amen.  Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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