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Monday, January 30, 2023

Where is Mass attendance highest?

Letter from Benedict XVI reveals the ‘central motive’ for his resignation, biographer says

Benedict XVI said he had suffered from chronic insomnia since the early days of his pontificate, according to a letter he wrote to his biographer.
Where is Mass attendance highest? One country is the clear leader

A compilation of new data by researchers at Georgetown University sheds light on the countries around the world that have the highest Mass attendance numbers. 
Pope Francis decries culture that ‘throws away’ unborn children, elderly, poor

In his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis decried a culture that “throws away” unborn children, the elderly, and the poor if they are not useful.
Miraculous Medal Shrine in Philadelphia elevated to basilica  

The Vatican recognized the Miraculous Medal Shrine, located in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, as the city’s second basilica.  
Pope Francis expresses sorrow over ‘spiral of death’ in the Holy Land

In his Sunday Angelus address, the pope expressed “great sorrow” for the death of Palestinians killed in an Israeli military raid and seven Israelis killed in a shooting.

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