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Monday, January 30, 2023

That’s not Buddha or Rama

That’s not Buddha or Rama in artist Sawai Chinnawong’s colorful, swirling traditional Thai paintings—it’s Jesus.

After multiple Christians have been fined and arrested over silent prayer, religious liberty advocates in the UK are challenging municipal regulations around abortion clinic “buffer zones” and discouraging the government from adopting national legislation.

How the evangelical conversation about climate change has changed in the last decade.

Four out of 10 Americans read the Bible. Here’s the format they most prefer.

Behind the story

Daniel Silliman: When I talk to someone who doesn’t know about CT, I’ll often just say I work for a magazine. And I do! But Christianity Today is also a lot more than a magazine—and the “magazine” part of the ministry doesn’t always look like what people think it looks like.

Like did you know that CT is now on TikTok? As of last week, some of our very talented colleagues have taken us to this social media frontier. So now I can say, I work for a magazine and it’s got some great TikToks.

In other news

Longtime Southern Baptist missions leader Bob Banks has died at 91.

The newly created Christian Timber Reserve allows Georgia Baptists to “tithe with trees,” donating acreage from their wooded property or income made from it.

A theatrical production of The Horse and His Boy in Washington D.C. is getting rave reviews.

Youth group does “ding dong ditch,” but with prayers.

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