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Friday, January 27, 2023

Job’s wife’s cry to “curse God and die!"

Today, we celebrate the winners of CT’s international essay contest! Each entry is tied to a passage from Genesis. We’re linking the English versions here, but they are also available in their original languages.

From a Chinese editor: Even if we don’t have 11 brothers who conspire against us, we can relate to the trauma of being wounded by family in Joseph’s story—and hope for the opportunity to seek restoration.

A French nurse reflects on Job’s wife’s cry to “curse God and die!” and the weight of caretaking during the end of life.

An Indonesian minister evokes the story of Hager in an exhortation to the country’s easily bruised “strawberry generation.”

A Mexican American church planter looks at the story of Abraham and Isaac and our contemporary parenting idols.

A journalist in São Paulo asks: If Brazil’s evangelical population is growing , why is its hunger problem worsening?

There are a lot of things artificial intelligence can do. But according to Russell Moore, preaching is not one of them.

On the latest episode of Viral Jesus, Heather Thompson Day considers whether churches have been wrong about algorithms.

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