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Monday, January 9, 2023

For Norwegians so loved the Bible

Orthodox Christians around the world mark Christmas
BBC: Orthodox Christians around the world are celebrating Christmas, even as two of the faith’s most populous nations - Russia and Ukraine - continue to fight in Europe’s largest conflict since World War Two.
The Guardian:
Ukraine rejects Putin’s 36-hour ceasefire for Orthodox Christmas
Benedict’s burial leaves Francis alone, and unbound*
The New York Times: Liberal supporters of Francis, a pope never shy about exercising power, now anticipate a late-breaking season of change.
Israel’s far right hits ground running, and ripple effects are already being felt
The Guardian: Ultranationalist religious rulers sworn in last week have made explicit what was previously obscured — annexation.
For Norwegians so loved the Bible, a new translation made many mad
Christianity Today: Revision of John 3:16, John 1:14, Romans 1:1, and other texts prompt controversy in the largely secular Scandinavian country.
Cotopaxi founder/CEO Davis Smith stepping down to serve Brazil mission
Deseret News: Davis Smith is headed back to South America where he grew up and where the seeds of inspiration for Cotopaxi were sown.

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