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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas cheer for jailed inmates and their families

Temecula school district bans critical race theory: Three new board members prevail

San Bernardino upbeat report on youth convention: Native American prayer, Catholic karaoke, Adoration

Christmas cheer for jailed inmates and their families: 800 goody bags assembled by Restorative Justice Ministry 

U.S. priests ordained since 1980s see JPII as prophetic voice: Benedict XVI’s warnings on “dictatorship of relativism” inspired many

Mary accompanies migrants heading north, pope says: Does Mary help border agents fulfill their duties

Newsom’s strategy against Texas Heartbeat law moves forward: Or does it?  

St. Vincent de Paul volunteer at St. Callistus knows what they want: 'We’ve got waffles here, sweet potatoes, pizza bites....'

Bishop Cantu: why not more U.S.-born Hispanic bishops: Synods in San Jose were composed of white, retired, highly educated, wealthy

Worth driving to: St. Joseph Church, Modesto: Large parish has 24/7 Eucharistic adoration

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