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Friday, November 4, 2022

In search of a lost Spain

The ReAwaken America tours unites conservative Christians and conspiracy theorists
NPR: Since early last year, some of the most prolific spreaders of conspiracy theories have been barnstorming across the country alongside a stacked cast of pro-Trump speakers, preachers and self-proclaimed prophets.
Doug Mastriano’s prophets in Pennsylvania
HuffPost: A shocking weekend with the supporters of the nominee for governor — full of swords, demons, and wild prophecies — shows the theocratic future of the GOP.
In search of a lost Spain*
The New York Times: In the southern part of the country, churches and streets hold the remnants of eight centuries of Islamic rule.
This is what’s happening to your brain in the middle of a conflict*
Fast Company: When we experience or perceive a potential rupture in our relationship with another person, our brain reacts as if we’re in actual danger.
Some American Protestants aren’t letting go of revolution
Christianity Today: As partisan fighting turns into physical attacks against public figures, evangelicals lack consensus on political violence.

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