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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How Americans describe ‘Christian nationalism’

The Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, dynamic Harlem pastor, dies at 73*
The New York Times: He led Abyssinian Baptist Church and helped revitalize his community by building housing, some of which he reserved for existing residents.
In their own words: How Americans describe ‘Christian nationalism’
Pew Research Center: The survey asked 2,540 respondents who have heard at least “a little” about Christian nationalism: “In your own words, what does the phrase ‘Christian nationalism’ mean to you?”
Before a month celebrating adoption, a day to recognize adoptees’ trauma
Religion News Service: For many adoptees, the day is a chance to reclaim their adoption narrative from religious groups that often portray it as a spiritual win-win.
Two workers protested Kroger’s ‘rainbow’ logo. Now they’re getting payouts.*
The Washington Post: The supermarket chain, which fired the employees, denied that the logo was a rainbow but settled the religious discrimination lawsuit by agreeing to pay $180,000.
In the face of political violence, one group recruits ‘poll chaplains’
NPR: Michel Martin speaks with Rev. Barbara Williams-Skinner about her efforts to organize faith leaders to be a calming force at polls during this year’s midterm elections.

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