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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

United Methodists are breaking up in a slow-motion schism

United Methodists are breaking up in a slow-motion schism
Associated Press: The United Methodist Church is the latest of several mainline Protestant denominations in America to begin fracturing amid debates over sexuality and theology.
‘Saved by grace’: Evangelicals find a way forward with Herschel Walker*
The New York Times: The embattled G.O.P. candidate reportedly paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion, but conservatives have learned to tolerate the behavior of those who advance their cause.
Students across the country to walk out in protest of discrimination by religious schools
Religion News Service: Students at more than 100 campuses are planning to walk out of school on Tuesday (Oct. 11) to, among other things, protest religious exemptions to Title IX that they say allow for the discrimination and erasure of LGBTQ students.
A minuscule new HHS office has a mammoth goal: tackling environmental justice
STAT: Most of the office’s first four months have been focused on a listening tour with fellow health officials and community advocates.
Should Christians own guns for self-defense? A global snapshot
Christianity Today: Leaders in nine nations explain how they think theologically and biblically about personal safety as mass shootings plague the world.

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