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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The goal of church isn’t to keep people in the pews

New York poised to strengthen oversight of nonpublic schools
Religion News Service: A Board of Regents committee unanimously approved guidelines Monday to make sure instruction at the state’s private and religious schools is equivalent to that of its public schools, following years of complaints that some ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools were not meeting basic academic standards.
King Charles III may bring new approach to ‘Defender of the Faith’*
The Washington Post: As Charles III takes over, he has by all accounts accepted the responsibilities of his religious titles without reservation. But he will bring a markedly different personal vision of religion and spirituality to the role.
The goal of church isn’t to keep people in the pews
Sojourners: The end goal of a sacred community shouldn’t be to keep people in the fold. Our hope should be the same for everyone: that each one of us would fully experience the peace of God both directly and consistently, whatever that may look like.
Priests and cars in Milwaukee
JSTOR Daily: One technology that changed Catholic life in America — and, specifically, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — was the automobile.
What rituals across cultures reveal about the human condition
Lit Hub: A substantial body of research shows that ritual can impact health and well-being in subtle but important ways, and that these impacts can be studied, understood and measured.

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