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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Women helping pick bishops helps whole church

Women helping pick bishops helps whole church, says new Vatican dicastery member

When María Lía Zervino learned she was among the first three women appointed as members of the Vatican's Dicastery for Bishops, only two words came to mind: "What appointment?"

Called up by a journalist to get her reaction to the news, the Argentine was left in shock, and called Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the dicastery's leader, to confirm what she had heard was actually true. The cardinal congratulated Zervino, who said her heart "began to pound really hard" before she went to a nearby chapel to process the information.

In her strikingly plain office about a half-hour's walk from St. Peter's Square, Zervino sat down with NCR July 19 to discuss the significance of her appointment and assess the state of women in the global church today. 

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Pope Francis in Canada: Safeguarding memory of elderly prevents repeating mistakes

In a public Mass on July 26, Pope Francis appealed to Canadian Catholics to safeguard the memory of grandparents and the elderly as a necessary means of preventing the mistakes of the past and for building a better future.

Remembering one's ancestors, said Francis, is a means of building "a future in which the history of violence and marginalization suffered by our Indigenous brothers and sisters is never repeated."

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