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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

N.Y. bishop and wife robbed of around $1M

The Pope went to Canada to apologize. For some indigenous school survivors, he triggered more pain
CNN: The process is finally reinforcing the accounts of the community’s elders, who have been saying for decades that there are thousands of unaccounted for children who disappeared while attending residential school.
Paul Raushenbush: ‘Christian nationalism is a threat to the American way of life’
Religion News Service: The new leader of the Interfaith Alliance wants to fight for an America that is welcoming and inclusive of all faiths and no faith.
Here I am to sound check
Christianity Today: Church tech teams kept worship plugged-in and streaming during the pandemic. But when does the job become too much for volunteers?
Maggie Rogers’s higher calling*
The New York Times: The 28-year-old singer-songwriter went to Harvard Divinity School to study as she made her second major-label album, “Surrender.”
N.Y. bishop and wife robbed of around $1M in jewelry during livestreamed service
NBC News: Bishop Lamor Whitehead was delivering his sermon in Brooklyn's Canarsie neighborhood when three gunmen burst in, police said.

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