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Thursday, July 21, 2022

A few things to avoid saying to your hurting friend

Michael Peroutka, neo-Confederate activist, wins GOP race for Maryland attorney general
HuffPost: Peroutka is a Christian nationalist extremist who has refused to disavow a white supremacist group to which he once belonged.
What the Bible actually says about abortion may surprise you
The Conversation: In the response to the Supreme Court’s decision, Christians on both sides of the partisan divide have appealed to any number of texts to assert that their particular brand of politics is biblically backed.
How a transgender woman found acceptance in a church shunned by the SBC
Baptist News Global: When Kim Cornwall moved from Minnesota to Georgia, she reached out to a number of churches to see if they would welcome her. Only one responded.
‘God has a plan’ and other bad things to say to a grieving friend
Sojourners: Here are a few things to avoid saying to your hurting friend (and what you could say instead).
Vatican investments must follow Catholic social teaching, new policy says
National Catholic Reporter: The Vatican released a new policy consolidating the investment portfolios of all offices and keeping all current and future investments in line with the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

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