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Saturday, June 4, 2022

San Diego Bishop McElroy named by Pope Francis as a cardinal

Saddleback pastor Rick Warren to retire in September, names Andy Wood as his successor
Religion News Service: Warren’s retirement will mark the end of a remarkable tenure as pastor.
400 years ago, they would be witches. Today, they can be your coach.*
The New York Times: At a time when more and more Americans call themselves spiritual but not religious, these coaches give us a glimpse of the allure and the hazards of 21st-century D.I.Y. religion.
‘Theocratic’ US abortion bans will violate religious liberty, faith leaders say
The Guardian: The anti-abortion side has monopolized arguments based on religion. But some say their faith supports the right to choose.
‘This is our time’: How women are taking over the labor movement
19th News: The pandemic has created an opportunity for new movements in industries that haven’t organized before — movements also led by women.
Australia had a Pentecostal prime minister. Did it matter?
Christianity Today: As Scott Morrison steps down, evangelicals assess the way he brought religion into politics.
Southern Baptist abuse task force requests $3 million for reforms, ‘Ministry Check’ website
Religion News Service: Reforms would include a website to track abusers and hiring staff to respond to abuse allegations.
Where do religious groups in the US stand on gun control?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Despite more than 200 mass shootings in 2022, gun reform remains a divisive issue in the United States — and an apparent impossibility in the current political climate.
The latest research on friendship in America — and why it matters
Deseret News: Americans appear to choose friends who vote like them, worship like them and look like them.
What comes after the religious right?*
The New York Times: Today’s culture war is being waged not between religion and secularism but between groups that the Catholic writer Matthew Schmitz has described as “the woke and the unwoke.”
How the role and visibility of chaplains changed over the past century
The Conversation: As the pandemic unfolded, the work of chaplains changed. Some were declared essential employees and continued to work in person, but they were not allowed into rooms with COVID-19 patients.
Meet the first minister of gun violence prevention
Religion News Service: The Rev. Deanna Hollas urged Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations to host Guns to Gardens events at their churches, inviting — and sometimes incentivizing — gun owners to hand over their weapons to be turned into garden tools.
Sexual abuse is inevitable in Christian patriarchy
Religion Dispatches: If patriarchy is about power, then this ideology sets up a power dynamic that creates an environment for abusers to thrive and victims to be disbelieved and further harmed.
Black Christian homeschoolers are redefining the movement
Christianity Today: Faithful moms are adapting and developing new curricula as more families of color opt to educate at home.
San Diego Bishop McElroy named by Pope Francis as a cardinal
Associated Press: McElroy, 68, has been one of a minority of U.S. bishops harshly criticizing the campaign to exclude Catholic politicians who support abortion rights from Communion.
Yes, Muslims are portrayed negatively in American media – 2 political scientists reviewed over 250,000 articles to find conclusive evidence
The Conversation: To better grasp the evolution of media portrayals of Muslims and Islam, a new book tracked the tone of hundreds of thousands of articles over decades.

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