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Monday, March 21, 2022

My spouse is also my pastor

My spouse is also my pastor*
Christian Century: “During the pandemic, I’ve realized how much I rely on her as a proxy for my faith,” Brian Bantum says.
Hillsong board blames anxiety drug, alcohol for landing Brian Houston in a woman’s hotel room
Religion News Service: The board of the global megachurch released a statement revealing its cofounder had sent inappropriate text messages to a staff member and spent time in a woman’s hotel room.
The rise and fall of evangelical influencers
Religion & Politics: There has been a curious shift in evangelical culture over the past five years, as believers now turn to digital media for religious engagement, potentially changing evangelicalism at its core.
New data sheds light on the religious lives of Black Catholics
Deseret News: While a majority of Black Americans are Protestants, there are approximately 3 million Black Catholics in the U.S.
Putin’s war on Ukraine is about ethnicity and empire*
The New York Times: Biden’s framework of ‘democracies versus autocracies’ misses the darker source of this war, which has deep roots in Russian history and thought.

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