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Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Bowery Mission in New York City never stopped serving in the pandemic

Last year, RZIM paid for an outside assessment of the ministry culture and practices that allowed apologist Ravi Zacharias to sexually abuse multiple women and almost completely cover it up. The results have been secret, until now. They aren’t good.

Frontline ministries like The Bowery Mission in New York City never stopped serving the most vulnerable through the pandemic. Now they are severely short-staffed and struggling to fill empty positions when competing with flexible, remote work options.

In Crimea, the region Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014, evangelicals and other religious minorities continue to face penalties for holding services and talking about their faith—activities that are restricted under anti-evangelism laws.

What’s the best way to teach Black history? Well look to Jesus’ culturally responsive pedagogy.

A bracing new book by historian Anthea Butler challenges evangelicals not to overlook the racism in our tradition.

In other news

Colombia had its own Roe v. Wade, with its highest court voting 5-4 to legalize abortion up to six months of pregnancy. Pro-life activists in Colombia argued it wasn’t legalized but “only decriminalized.”

Christian doctors in California are suing over a new law that they say requires them to help with assisted suicides.

Rain in Israel has washed away more than a millennia of sand and uncovered a marble column that may belong to a church that was marked on the oldest known map of the Holy Land.

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