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Monday, January 3, 2022

You can learn about Mennonites from manga

Finnish Lutherans are bracing themselves for a legal trial that will ask whether quoting Romans deprives LGBT people of dignity, testing the limits of religious liberty, minority rights, and hate speech laws.

Celebrating the completion of the American Sign Language Version of the Bible, Scripture translators add 400 sign languages to their to-do list.

Today’s Christian resources are aiming to be more creative, more diverse, and more theologically savvy. The latest in the trend is The Book of Belonging, a crowdfunded story Bible with a particular focus on the women of Scripture.

In other news

A Bible was found in a time capsule stored in the pedestal for the Robert E. Lee statue that has been taken down in Richmond, Virginia.

Hindu mobs attacked Christmas celebrations in India.

A Church of England priest who is opposed to the ordination of women lost a discrimination lawsuit claiming he was forced to retire at 70 because of his views.

In France, you can learn about Mennonites from manga.

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