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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Schoolkids are falling victim to disinformation and conspiracy fantasies

How the Capitol attacks helped spread Christian nationalism in the extreme right
Religion News Service: For many in the right-wing extremist fringe, Christian nationalism is becoming a shared language.
Schoolkids are falling victim to disinformation and conspiracy fantasies
Scientific American: Although children are prime targets, educators cannot figure out how best to teach them to separate fact from fiction.
Monks in New Mexico desert dedicated to hospitality reflect on two years without guests*
The Washington Post: “Guests are part of who we are,” said the monastery’s guestmaster. “We can only go so long without guests, and not just for financial reasons. For identity reasons. Not having visitors would betray the whole Benedictine charism.”
Sharbat Gula’s experience exemplifies the ‘white savior’ lens through which most Americans view Afghanistan
Religion Dispatches: Sharbat Gula’s then-ten-year-old face is also one of the most enduring images of Afghanistan for the West.
Ex-AME Zion Church leaders charged with $14M fraud
Associated Press: A former bishop and lay leader of a historically African American church have been charged with defrauding California congregations by mortgaging their properties in order to obtain $14 million in loans.
The backlash against rightwing evangelicals is reshaping American politics and faith
The Guardian: Some sociologists believe that the rising number of non-religious Americans is a reaction against rightwing evangelicals. But that’s just part of the story.
Princeton Seminary removes name of slaveholding founder from its chapel
Baptist News Global: Princeton Theological Seminary announced Jan. 25 that it has changed the name on its campus chapel to avoid further association with a slaveholding professor.
Anti-trafficking ministries now fight QAnon conspiracies too
Christianity Today: Online myths and misinformation are becoming more of a distraction from their work.
Secularism is not atheism. A new book explains why the distinction is so critical.
Religion News Service: At its core, secularism is an approach to governance. And critically, it is one many religious people, not just atheists and agnostics, support.
Trump’s travel ban forever changed the lives of Muslims around the world
HuffPost: A HuffPost investigation found hundreds of immigration cases where the ban irrevocably affected life — and death.
Inside Jerry Falwell Jr.’s unlikely rise and precipitous fall at Liberty University*
Vanity Fair: In a series of interviews, Falwell — accompanied by his wife, Becki — describes the events that led to his ouster, their fallout, and why he’s finally ready to admit he never had much use for his father’s church anyway.
Germany: 125 queer Catholic Church employees demand respect
Associated Press: The group — including priests, religion teachers and administrative employees — publicly outed themselves, saying they want to live without fear.
Was Dorothy Day too left-wing to be a Catholic saint?*
The New York Times: The Archdiocese of New York has asked the Vatican to consider the social activist for sainthood. But church leaders are not entirely comfortable with her politics.
The unlikely story of America’s highest ranking Muslim soldier and TikTok favorite
Religion News Service: A chance encounter with an army chaplain put Colonel Khallid Shabazz's military career on a different path.
Orlando church offers late-night COVID-19 tests to meet workers’ needs
Episcopal News Service: An Episcopal church in Orlando, Florida, is offering free COVID-19 tests at night to meet the needs of neighbors who can’t make it to daytime clinics because of work or child care responsibilities.
Thích Nhất Hạnh, Zen master who preached compassion and nonviolence, dies
Religion News Service: The Vietnamese Buddhist monk, described as ‘the second most famous Buddhist in the world, after the Dalai Lama,’ by one expert, founded a worldwide network of monastic centers.
Association of Black Seminarians calls for renaming of Princeton Theological Seminary chapel
The Daily Princetonian: The chapel’s namesake — Samuel Miller, PTS’s second professor who taught at the school in the early 19th century — owned slave labor throughout his life.
Religious women have abortions, too. And many faiths affirm abortion rights.
NBC News: It’s long overdue for the American public to recognize the diversity of religious positions in the abortion debate in this country — and for our courts to honor them.
In the face of antisemitism, synagogues strike a difficult balance between safety and openness
Deseret News: In the wake of the antisemitic incident in Colleyville, Texas, there is an increased sense of urgency around security training for the Jewish community
Associated Press: Texas synagogue holds services, Jewish faithful show defiance after hostage crisis
Venue Church in Chattanooga in shambles over pastor Tavner Smith’s alleged affair
The Daily Beast: The drama has unfolded like a soap opera, with rumors, a parade of employee exits, and a suggestive videotape.

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