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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Bible translators add 400 sign languages to to-do list

Bible translators add 400 sign languages to to-do list
Christianity Today: The first finished Scripture for deaf people prompts attention to global need.
Preemptive Love board cuts ties with founders Jeremy and Jessica Courtney
Religion News Service: Former employees had accused the former missionaries of creating a toxic culture and misleading donors.
Facing white Christianity’s role in the January 6th insurrection
Religion Dispatches: These unsettling connections among white supremacy, white Christianity and support for the former president are not confined to the extremists who attacked the Capitol.
A Spanish mystery: Is a ‘masked restorer’ to blame for a church’s botched repair?*
The New York Times: Yet another imprudent fix in a land plagued by vigilante handymen led to angry calls to find the culprit — and to a soul-searching question: Does Spain just have too much history in need of upkeep?
How hobbies infiltrated American life*
The Atlantic: The Protestant work ethic that is foundational to American culture positions labor as morally good in and of itself, whether you’re working hard at a desk, on a farm or teaching yourself the guitar tabs to “Wonderwall.”

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