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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What church architecture says about God

Why do some churches have red doors? Is stadium seating in the sanctuary a theological statement? Here’s an introduction to reading what church architecture says about God.

Iowa has paid out $2 million to settle lawsuits brought against the University of Iowa by student groups InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Business Leaders in Christ.

What two psalms’ conflicting accounts of Israel’s history—amazing and terrible—can teach us about telling the story of the church.

Rastool Berry, raised on Malcolm X and now ministering to Millennials and Gen Z at Cru and Embark, talks to Where Ya From? about the importance of Christian bridge building.

As we read about John the Baptist in today’s Advent devotion, we celebrate how God made a way for our repentance.

In other news

In Nepal, a pastor who called on Jesus as he “rebuked” the coronavirus in a viral video has been sentenced to two years in prison for proselytization.

A Pentecostal church was burned down by junta forces in Myanmar. The ousted vice president used to attend services there.

One good rule for churches hosting live nativities: Hang on to your camels.

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