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Monday, December 13, 2021

Stop blaming religion for vaccine hesitancy


What John Roberts' role in Texas' abortion case could signal for the future of Roe
CNN: The entire abortion debate at America's high court in recent months has revealed a transformation in the majority's view toward reproductive rights and Chief Justice Roberts' loosening grip on the bench.
Stop blaming religion for vaccine hesitancy*
Fortune: Recent studies show an individual’s likelihood of vaccination has less to do with their faith and much more to do with their political beliefs.
What Mary can teach us about the joy and pain of life*
New York Times: Mary’s story recalls that joy can’t be gotten cheaply. The pain of the world cannot be papered over in a sentimental display of tamed little angels and a cute, chubby baby Jesus.
Here’s how Southern Baptist women found ways to lead outside the denomination
The Conversation: A study of women who attended seminary in the 1970s and ’80s found that many had left the denomination for successful leadership roles in other churches, denominations, educational institutions and organizations.
Pastor Heather Boone wins national award for life changing work
Monroe (Michigan) News: The Rev. Heather Boone was recently named the USA TODAY Best of Humankind Awards Person of the Year. She established many ministries, including a nonprofit grocery store, a clothes closet, soup kitchen, free childcare center and a free medical clinic.

The Spark

Sojourners’ 2021 film and TV roundup
This year, I’ve been grateful for the TV shows and movies that have mentored me and tormented me, the ones that didn’t shy away from tough issues like racism, sexism, and greed, writes Jenna Barnett. The works are honest and beautiful, start to finish.

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