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Monday, December 6, 2021

Isaiah points to the hope and restoration

This week, the Supreme Court will consider another case involving public funding for sectarian schools. The First Amendment debates could look at the distinctions between religious identity and religious purpose.

Christians in Israel and Jordan have traditionally agreed to celebrate Christmas together on December 25. This year, it looks like the Eastern Orthodox have other plans that day.

An unprecedented Iranian Supreme Court ruling affirms that Christian house church gatherings are legal in the Muslim country, a sign of hope for believers in prison for their faith.

Side B Christians aren’t looking for evangelical churches to become affirming. But Bekah Mason says that the presence of same-sex attracted and gay believers—amid all the tension and debate—stands as a powerful witness and asset to the community.

Just as Roe v. Wade case faces a historic challenge, a new book pieces together the complicated story of the woman at the center of the landmark abortion case, Norma McCorvey, as well as her family.

It’s an especially busy season for ministry leaders. Here are 7 tips to avoid pastoral burnout.

In today’s Advent reading, Isaiah points to the hope and restoration we see made complete in Christ.

In other news

Australian Christians are mourning the death of linguist Cathy Bow, who catalogued aboriginal languages and coached missionaries in 72 countries.

Food poisoning at a church supper in England killed one woman and left dozens ill. The pub chef responsible for the shepherd’s pie has been sentenced to prison for violating food safety regulations.

Talk about worship music for two minutes, and you’ll get people defending hymns, psalms, and even the old pipe organ. You may not be able to find a church organist under retirement age, but the organ still has passionate defenders.

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