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Friday, December 31, 2021

10 prayers to kick off the new year

From CT news editor Daniel Silliman: I like to look ahead. And here at CT, we’re planning for the new year and all the stories we want to tell in 2022—what evangelicals are doing around the world, what they’re thinking, and how they’re responding to the changing times.

But you know who’s really planning ahead? These guys in Germany who have been growing their beards for almost a year, so they can be more like Jesus come Easter.

We wish you all, as the Germans say, a “good slide” into 2022, and we’ll see you here with our daily briefing.

’Tis the season for planners and schedules and good intentions to get our lives in order. A reminder from Jen Pollock Michel: There’s no such thing as “managing” time. But we can choose how we use our attention.

A Chinese pastor says the government’s purge of online ministry activity represents “the greatest disaster, crisis, and challenge we have ever met.”

Evangelicals are making peace inside Argentinian prisons.

India imposed restrictions on a Catholic charity founded by Mother Teresa.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu died the day after Christmas.

T. S. Eliot spoke of a church that’s “forever building.” As we look ahead to a new year, with God’s grace, may we build what is good in 2022.

We’ve got 10 prayers to kick off the new year.

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