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Monday, November 1, 2021

More Australians are thinking about God

For many churches, the 2020 election intensified political divides more than ever. A year later, a new survey looks at the impact of evangelical leaders’ support of former President Donald Trump.

As Halloween-adjacent Dia de Los Muertos becomes more popular, experts who study and minister among Mexican Christians consider the spiritual implications of the celebration.

Pray for those who kidnap you? What the response to the captivity of 17 Haitian missionaries tells us about Anabaptists’ faith.

If you want to understand the Anglican tradition, you’re going to have read your Brothers K.

In other news

Two years after Rachel Held Evans’s death, a new book incorporating the popular Christian author’s final writings is being released this week.

The pandemic is pushing more Australians to think about God, according to a new poll.

At Fuller Theological Seminary, Mark Labberton hopes his replacement as president will be a woman or a person of color.

Personal documents of Methodist Bishop Francis Asbury have been recovered after 60 years.

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